Flashback Friday: The Hollow Tree by Janet Lunn

Late last Sunday I was thinking of ways that I could keep my blog from being deserted this week, as I read my way through three books (2 for the upcoming Once Upon A Week fairy tale week, and 1 just because). I thought that maybe one of those weekly memes would be nice, since I currently only participate in “Waiting On” Wednesday. Then I thought I could make my own! My powers of alliteration led me to Friday, and so was born Flashback Friday!

flashback friday

– pick a book that you read when you were a child, between ages 5-13, that made an impact on you.
– it doesn’t have to be a kid or teen book, just one you read in that time span.
– describe the book in five words.
– if you’d like to join in, post a link to your Flashback in the comments =)


The Hollow Tree The Hollow Tree
by Janet Lunn
ISBN – 13: 978-0-676-97143-9
Published: September 1998
Age group: 9-12

The year is 1777. Hanged for being a British spy, Phoebe Olcott’s cousin, Gideon, left behind a list containing the names of Loyalist families needing protection by the King’s army. When Phoebe discovers it, she sets out into the wilderness, determined to deliver the list to the general at Fort Ticonderoga. Along the way, she teams up with Jem, a young Loyalist, and the two face the adventure of their lives — encountering rebel guns, wild animals and nature’s force.


Emotional. Smooth. 3-dimensional. Fun. Adventure.


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  1. That’s funny- I was thinking of doing a fairy tale week, too. Although, I have so many ideas about it, I think I’ll have to extend it to two weeks. I’m very interested to see what you come up with.

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