Flashback Friday: Monster by Christopher Pike

Welcome to the Hallowe’en addition of Flashback Friday! Monster was not only the first Christopher Pike book I read (starting a love of his books that continues today), but it was also my first thriller book. I have a fear of horror/thriller movies, but that fear somehow doesn’t continue over to literature (thankfully), which I discovered when I picked this book up in my grade seven classroom to read for independent reading.

flashback friday

– pick a book that you read when you were a child, between ages 5-13, that made an impact on you.
– it doesn’t have to be a kid or teen book, just one you read in that time span.
– describe the book in five words.
– if you’d like to join in, post a link to your Flashback in the comments =)


Monster Monster
by Christopher Pike
ISBN – 13: 978-0-671-74507-3
Published: November 1, 1992
Age group: 9-12

She said she killed them because they were monsters.

Mary Blanc walked into the party with a loaded shotgun. In the blink of an eye she blew two people away. She wanted to kill more, but was stopped by her best friend, Angela Warner, and the police. The next day, when Angela visits Mary at the jail, she asks why she did it. Mary responds, “Because they were no longer human.” Angela thinks she’s crazy. At first.

Until she probes deeper into Mary’s claims and discovers a horror so unimaginable that she thinks she is going crazy. She even gets to the point where she wonders if she should have let Mary keep on killing. While there was still time to stop the thing from spreading. The very old thing. The hungry thing.


Monster is: Chilling. Memorable. Quick. Fast-paced. Nerve-wracking.