Once Upon A Week: My Own Fairy Tale

fairy tale week

The idea is to take the results of ONE of the following quizes, and rewrite the fairy tale with yourself in the place of said character. There is no restriction on length, and no other guidelines to follow – just to have fun using my imagination!


My Results
Quiz One resulted in Little Red Riding Hood

Quiz Two resulted in The Gingerbread Man

Quiz Three resulted in Cinderella


I’ve decided to tackle Little Red Riding Hood, adding a more modern and urban spin onto the classic tale (and hopefully avoid the pesky ‘being eaten’ problem).


Once upon a time, a young girl moved with her family from the country to the city, in order to be closer to her ailing grandmother. The girl, whose name was Cait (but was called Little Red, for her hair was the most lovely shade of red), was unsure about living in the city and was constantly told by her mother to be careful whenever she ventured out – the city could be a dangerous place and she should not talk to strangers.

It so happened on a day not too long after Little Red and her family arrived in the city, that her grandmother called requesting that Little Red’s mother bring her some books and tea, as she was all out of good reading material, and nearly out of tea. Unfortunately, Little Red’s mother had fallen ill with the flu (and her father was at work), so Little Red was asked to go instead. After being warned (again) about talking to strangers, and to not go anywhere other than her Grandmother’s house, Little Red quickly left, the books and tea nestled snuggly in a reusable grocery bag, and her bright red rain coat securely fastened to keep out the worst of the day’s downpour.

As the car was with her father at work, Little Red was forced to take the subway to get to her Grandmother’s house. She had travelled the subway before and was confident that she would be fine. Most people kept to themselves, after all. Little Red was sitting quite contently in the subway car when, a few stops before the one she would need to get off at, a man sat down next to her. Little Red glanced over quickly and her breath caught – he was gorgeous. Unable to stop staring, Little Red blushed when the man caught her hair and smirked lightly, and stuttered out an apology.

“No problem,” the man said, “my name’s Eric Woolfe.”

“Umm, Cait. But everyone calls me Little Red.”

“Well Little Red, it’s nice to meet you. Where are you headed on this gloomy day?”

Knowing she was not meant to talk to strangers, Little Red was hesitant to strike up a conversation, but eventually they were chatting back and forth, exclaiming over the books she was bringing to her Grandmother. Eric mentioned that here was a new book just released by her grandmother’s favourite author, and that there was a bookstore right at the corner where her stop would be, she should pop in to get it. Little Red agreed that would be a great idea, and sure to cheer her Grandmother up immensly, thanked Eric and got off the subway. Unknown to her, he took the subway to the next station and circled back to make it to Little Red’s Grandmother’s house before her – Little Red was quite forthcoming with information once you got her talking, and he had quite enjoyed her company.

Getting inside the Grandmother’s apartment building was quite easy. Unfortunately (for him), getting inside the actual apartment was more difficult. There were at least five locks on her door! Knocking, Eric tried his best to immitate Little Red’s voice. But Grandmother did not come and open the door, she yelled from the inside! Saying that her Little Red had a key, and who was this, trying to come into the apartment of a defenseless old lady. Surely not her grocery delivery boy, he had a secret knock. And certainly not her doctor, he didn’t make house calls! So whoever it is, just go away.

Well, Eric wasn’t giving up that quickly and settled down to slowly pick the five locks. Thankfully the apartment building seemed deserted at this time of day (it was a work day, after all). He was on the third lock when he cried out in pain. Looking down at his ankle, he saw a small, fluffy dog attached to his ankle. The owner was standing not five feet away, frowning and asking who he was and why he was picking the locks on that “nice Mrs. Stone’s front door”. He smiled his charming best, but the little dog growled and shook his head, his little teeth pinching tighter on Eric’s ankle. The lady crossed her arms, and insisted that if he didn’t leave right now, she was calling the landlord. Confident, he told her to go ahead. He was anxious now (Little Red could be here any minute!) and he needed the woman (and her little dog, too) to just go away. He was on the last lock when the landlord arrived. Turning around to face him, Eric felt that he could win a fight. One look at this landlord, and he paled. He looked like a lumberjack! All muscled arms, scruffy beard, jeans and flannel shirt. And was that a Doberman he had beside him? Those were much bigger teeth than the small fluffy dog!

Little Red was just pushing the buzzer to be let into her Grandmother’s building when the door opened and a man flew out the door shrieking, jumping and hopping to get away from the teeth of the great big dog chasing him down the sidewalk, tha landlord standing in the doorway looking satisfied. Little Red looked at the landlord in bewilderment, “who was that?”. The landlord informed her it was nothing to worry about, and she should hurry upstairs to her Grandmother, she was impatient for a visit – and a new book to read. Little Red smiled, thanked the landlord for holding the door open, and skipped up the steps into the building. The landlord smiled, and calling for his dog (who had a nice long stip of pant leg hanging from his jaws) headed back into the building, muttering about predators not being able to bother his tennants.

And so Little Red and no idea that the nice man she had met on the subway was anything other than that, though she was quite weary of strangers once again after hearing her Grandmother’s tale of the man who had been breaking into her apartment. Little Red and her Grandmother spent a lovely day inside out of the rain, reading novels and drinking tea, and living quite happily ever after.


8 thoughts on “Once Upon A Week: My Own Fairy Tale

  1. Oh, you SO should have done the gingerbread man! That would have been hilarious. I got Little Red, too (in quiz 2 — I got Jack and the Beanstalk for #1, and I wasn’t having that…)

    • =D I wanted to, but my brain just could not think up a good idea to retell the Gingerbread Man. I don’t blame you for not doing Jack and the Beanstock. What an awkward fairy tale! haha

    • I wanted it known that he was playing the wolf character, hence the last name. I just changed the spelling a bit to resemble a last name. Eric is just the name of one of my friends, and was the first thing that popped into my head.

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