Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden

tomorrow when the war began Tomorrow, When the War Began
by John Marsden
ISBN – 13: 978-0-439-82910-6
Rating: 4 ♥ / 5 ♥

When Ellie and her friends go camping, they have no idea they’re leaving their old lives behind forever. Despite a less-than-tragic food shortage and a secret crush or two, everything goes as planned. But a week later, they return home to find their houses empty and their pets starving. Something has gone wrong–horribly wrong. Before long, they realize the country has been invaded, and the entire town has been captured–including their families and all their friends.
Ellie and the other survivors face an impossible decision: They can flee for the mountains or surrender. Or they can fight.


When I actively began searching out YA post-apocalyptic fiction and dystopian fiction, I came across John Marsden’s Tomorrow Series about eight teens whose lives are suddenly changed forever when their town is taken over by invaders intent on war. Life has changed, and they’re soon forced to make decisions that could keep them safe, or put them in harms way trying to save their families.

The narrator of this first-person POV series is Ellie, whom the others have nominated to be in charge of writing down their story. Her voice is fresh and to the point; the details are presented factually but Ellie still manages to convey the intense emotion she – and the others – are feeling. Tomorrow, When the War Began is a perfect start to a series. The ending ties up the first books main plot – to act out, or hide away in relative safety – but leaves many other questions and dangling plot lines for the next books to wrap up.

For the first little bit I found the characters a bit hard to keep track of. Which one was Homer again? And, has Chris been mentioned earlier in the book? Is Fiona this one, or am I thinking of Robyn? Eventually, though, I managed to catch on to their personalities as Ellie was recording them, and their brief histories. Marsden’s written a book that puts teenagers into the roles of adults and possible soldiers, and made me a believe it. I’m completely excited to read the next book!



This book is also part of the 3-4-5 Challenge!

2 thoughts on “Tomorrow, When the War Began by John Marsden

  1. I’m glad to hear you liked it! I’m planning on reading it next month when I finish my university exams, really looking forward to it. :)It being set in Australia and written by an Australian just about everyone here in Aus read it in the 90s so I’ve been slow jumping on the bandwagon for this one.

  2. I loved the novel by John Marsden and i hought it was very interesting. I cried in some parts of the book and i don’t usually. I’m glad that they are making a movie about it. I’m glad that i am not the only one who thinks that5 this book ROCK’S! Thanx- please reply if this is published. thank you.

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