Honest Scrap Award

Jazz from About Books Blog has awarded me the Honest Scrap Award; thank you so much Jazz!!

The rules are simple: You need to list ten honest things about youself, and then pass the award on to ten other honest bloggers.

1. My life has been heading in one direction since I was five. Now, I’m not so sure it’s the right direction.
2. I’m afraid of bees, tornados and vaccines. Odd, I know.
3. I love fashion, but I’m perfectly comfortable spending most of my time in sweat pants and hoodies.
4. I have an extremely guilty conscience. It can be annoying sometimes.
5. I actually miss school! I can’t wait to go back to uni for my second degree.
6. Even though I love baking (and may go to school for it), I rarely eat anything I make. I’ll taste it, of course, but I’m not actually that big of a sweets fan.
7. My music tastes are very eclectic. I’m perfectly happy to listen to Eminem, Rascal Flatts, Chopin, Lady GaGa, JPop, French Rap, Bon Jovi, Aqua, David Guetta, etc. all in one play list.
8. I often find myself talking to my computer – especially when it’s not behaving!
9. I played flute and clarinet for six years, but stopped when I went away to university. I shouldn’t have.
10. I’ve actually been blogging since 2003, but have only had my book blog for three months! I should have thought of this years ago.

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6 thoughts on “Honest Scrap Award

  1. Thanks so much for the award!

    And definitely agree with the sweatpants and hoodies. I live in them! At least, while I’m at college I do 🙂

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