Christmas Contest!

I’d been trying to think of a good contest to host during December. I wanted something more than just “leave a comment here and be entered to win such-and-such a book”, but I was having a hard time coming up with an idea. I found inspiration from author Lauren Barnholdt‘s latest contest, which was a ton of fun and sufficient work to make it worth the prizes.

Welcome to (a portion of) my bookshelf!

*Hint: click to make the picture bigger!

In an e-mail, write down as many of the book titles + authors that you can recognize. There will be a first and second place – the person to get the most correct will be able to pick two books from the above photo and I will mail out brand new copies! Second place will get to pick one book from the above photo. If there is a tie, the person to e-mail me first will get first place.

In case you can’t guess a few books, there a couple ways to recieve extra points to help fill in those missing spots on your list:

+1 – tweet/blog/sidebar this contest
+2 – follow me through feedburner/e-mail/facebook

So if you guess 50 out of 65 books, but tweet and follow me through facebook (for example), you have now “guessed” 53 out of 65 books. Make sense? I hope so!

Contest will end Thursday, December 24th at 11:59pm EST. I’ll e-mail the winners and announce them here on Christmas Day. If you win, you have 48 hours to reply to my e-mail with the book(s) you would like, and your mailing address. Prizes will be sent out by January 1st.

Contest is open to only Canada and the United States due to shipping costs.

E-mail your entries to xkamsx[@]gmail[dot]com
Please include links to tweets/blog posts/sidebars, and if you follow me please mention how.


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    • Haha, yea. It’s hard for me to tell how hard it’s gonna be since I recognize all the books immediately =P I suggest taking it in spurts to avoid a headache, lol.

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