Break by Hannah Moskowitz

by Hannah Moskowitz
ISBN-13: 0-781416-982753
Rating: 4.5 ♥ / 5 ♥

The first feeling is exhilaration. The second feeling is pain. The feeling that never comes is regret.

Jonah is on a mission to break every bone in his body. Everyone knows that broken bones grow back stronger than they were before. Jonah wants to be stronger – needs to be stronger – because everything around him is falling apart. Breaking, and then healing, is the only way he can cope with the stresses of home, girls, and the world on his shoulders.

When Jonah’s self-destructive spiral accelerates and he hits rock bottom, will he find true strength or surrender to his breaking point?


Break astounded me. I wasn’t sure how I would like a book about breaking bones, but it had recieved some good praise around the blogosphere so I thought why not give it a try. I am so glad I did!

Jonah’s family is trying to cope with some pretty big issues, and Jonah deals by trying to break and heal every bone in his body. To become stronger. The book revolves around his attempts to break his bones and the subsequent downward spiral when people begin to take notice.

I was quite happy with the characterization in Break. For a book that’s only 262 pages long, we get just enough information to feel like we know these characters, but not so much that the bok becomes bogged down with information overload. The pace of the book stayed steady and just fast enough that I felt anxious at points when Jonah did, and calm when he was calm. Jonah crash and burn was handled beautifully, and although I did find a bit of the ending a little rushed it was a great ending.

Break was a wonderful debut novel, and I’ll definitely be watching out for more books by Hannah.



Break is on my list for J. Kaye’s 2010 Young Adult Reading Challenge.

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