New Cookie for The Demon’s Covenant!

Sarah Rees Brennan, author of the awesome book The Demon’s Lexicon, has given us another cookie for the upcoming sequel, The Demon’s Covenant.

The Demon’s Covenant is told from Mae’s point of view, unlike the first book which was told from Nick’s. The best part of this, besides getting to know another character really well? We get to see all the other characters through their eyes. It’s going to be wicked getting another view of Alan, Jaime and Nick (not to mention Sin, Liannan and everyone else). The cookie focuses mainly on Alan, who is such an intriguing character. This sneak peak into the next book was like a little slice of awesomeness. Also, we get a hint of the make-out scene (!!): The Demon’s Covenant – February Cookie.

Go! Enjoy! And drop Sarah a line telling her how much you just can’t wait for May 18th!
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