Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Boy Meets Boy
by David Levithan
ISBN – 13: 9-780375-832994
Rating: 5 ♥ / 5 ♥

Love is never easy. Especially if you’re Paul. He’s a sophomore at a high school like no other – and these are his friends:

Infinite Darlene, the homecoming queen and star quarterback
Joni, Paul’s best friend who may not be his best friend anymore
Tony, his other best friend, who can’t leave the house unless his parents think he’s going on a date…with a girl
Kyle, the ex-boyfriend who won’t go away
Rip, the school bookie, who sets the odds…
and Noah. The Boy. The one who changes everything.

Love meets love. Confusion meets clarity. Boy meets boy.


This was my first David Levithan book, and I am blown away. Boy Meets Boy was an experience; one I’m so glad I had.

Paul is a high school sophomore at a very unique school (in a very unique town). The cheerleaders ride Harley’s and the star quarterback of the football team is drag queen Infinite Darlene, who has to juggle not just duties to football, but her duties as homecoming queen. Paul is incredibly comfortable in his own skin; he knows who is. He meets Noah, the new boy in town, and immediately falls for him. At the same time, Paul’s best friend Joni gets a new boyfriend, his ex-boyfriend decides to stick around and his friend Tony’s very religious parents put him on lockdown.

Levithan’s writing style dragged me in immediately. I’m incredibly happy with his style of writing. It’s very true to the first person POV he writes in. We see things as Paul sees them, learn about Paul’s life as he thinks it to us, and get to see his friends through his eyes alone. Because of this, Paul is quite an easy character to get to know. Even though we only get to see inside Paul’s head, I still felt a connection with the other characters in the book, and was just as involved in their lives as Paul’s.

Although primarily about two boys falling in love, Boy Meets Boy carries many other themes present in high school. There are crushes, confusion over whether or not to keep going with the new boyfriend or go back to an old one, friends who change because of a new boyfriend or girlfriend, school politics, home worries, teen angst and teen joy. It’s very much a life drama.

I am so glad I picked up this book on a whim, and I will definitely be reading more David Levithan.


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