Graphic Novels (4): Beyond Wonderland & The Laughing Corpse vol. 2

I was going to do more Y: The Last Man posts, but since I’d have to 6 more volumes (3 more posts), I’m going to condense them all into one after I finish the series. In the meantime, have some more Wonderland with a dash of Anita Blake thrown in!


Beyond Wonderland
by Raven Gregory, Daniel Leister & Nei Ruffino

Months have passed since Alice Liddle’s daughter, Calie, returned from the place called Wonderland, months since the realm of madness took everything from her. Now jaded but trying to move on, she is attempting to lead a more normal existence in the city that never sleeps. Armed with a different name and identity Calie is finally beginning to adjust to a brand new life. But not every story has a happy ending as she soon realizes that things are not going to stay normal for very long. Something from the realm of madness and terror has found its way out and Calie knows that she could very well be the only one who has a chance to send it back to where it belongs.


Beyond Wonderland is just as creepy and intense as Return to Wonderland. It continues the story of Calie’s descent into mad Wonderland, although this time Wonderland has come to her – something has escaped into New York City and it’s after Calie.

While still horrific, this second installment in the Wonderland series is not near as gory as the first. Mind you, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a fair number of dismembered/skinned/beheaded/dead bodies, but since we’re in the ‘real’ world it’s not quiet as prevalent as it had been when we were actually in Wonderland.

As this series continues we get to see more of Wonderland and it’s mythos. It is definitely more terrifying than you would have imagined as you started reading. There’s also a nice little cliffhangar at the end that makes me very excited for the final installment to be released in one volume.


Anita Blake: The Laughing Corpse – Necromancer
by Laurell K. Hamilton, Ron Lim & Jess Ruffner

Anita Blake is a vampire hunter without peer, a talented necromancer still learning her trade and a tireless pursuer of the truth. And it is for all these things that she is now marked for death! She saw something she shouldn’t have seen – and now, a high priestess of voodoo wants her to pay for it. She wouldn’t do something she was asked to do – and now, a mob-connected millionaire wants her off the board. And she wouldn’t submit to being a vampire’s servant – or maybe she will? That part she’s still trying to figure out. But until then, St. Louis’ favorite vampire hunter is dodging bullets, evading superhuman zombies and chasing the most elusive prize in this city of the undead: justice!


Necromancer is volume 2 of The Laughing Corpse, and I’m still impressed. The Anita Blake book series is one of my favourite, so as soon as I heard they were putting out a graphic novel of the first book (Guilty Pleasures), I was all over it. I really enjoyed it and felt it was true to the book. I was so happy to see that they were going to continue on to the second book, The Laughing Corpse.

The first volume delivered what I was expecting, and this second volume is just as good. Since LKH is the writer, the storyline is true to the novel. Obviously the graphic novel is a condensed version, but the plot is the same and all pertinent details are there. The artwork captures the city, vampires, zombies, etc. very well and I’m impressed with the attention to detail.

The only problem with creating a graphic novel of a book series, is that the artist’s rendition of the characters is not always how the reader sees them. Anita is awesome, she’s drawn just how I pictured her. Short and powerful, full of attitude with great hair. Jean-Claude’s not quite what I pictured, but I can deal. We haven’t seen any of the other main characters beside Dolph and Zerbrowski, and both of them are ok. I never had really strong visions of their characters beforehand, anyway. If they continue, I’m anxious to see how Richard and Asher are depicted.


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  1. The artwork for Beyond Wonderland is beautiful.I’m not familiar with this series, but your review has peaked my interest! Thanks for sharing! I may have to add this to my Graphic Novel reading challenge list (the EVER growing list!)

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