Readathon Day 1 Activity

Day 1 Activity: Clutter and Hording Rehab
Host: Kristen (Bookworming in the 21st Century)


Since one of the points of the read-a-thon is to (hopefully) cut back your TBR pile, it makes sense that most of us participants have large, large piles of books. Whether or not they’re all TBR or not is besides the point. Kristen has tasked us, in this first activity, to admit that we have a problem, and then decide to fix it! And of course include some pictures to prove just how much of a hoarder we are.


Step 1: Provide photo proof

Hey, I’m Cait and I’ve run out of room to house my books. Not only am I a compulsive book-buyer, I never get rid of any of my books (voluntarily). Let’s just say they pile up after a while!

I’m a book hoarder; it’s a sad fact. In the top four totes in this photo are most of my books bought before 2005 (when I moved). I finally got around to gathering them all up and alphabetized them all. I completely filled four totes, and I’m STILL missing most of my Tamora Pierce, Christopher Pike and David Eddings books. As well as these totes, there is a small bookshelf in the computer room that has some (read) books and manga on it, and there are a few books scattered throughout drawers and bathrooms in the house.

I have one major bookshelf in my bedroom – it’s about 6 fee tall. On the top shelf are my hardcovers, and TBR pile. The books in the back row (it’s two deep), are all read. The pile of paperbacks on your left are all TBR and all but two of the hardcovers in front are TBR. I’m slowly making my way through them!

The second shelf down is full of soft covers. There are about 6 TBRs, but the rest are all read. Oh, and yes, it’s packed three deep, and has 6 piles of books sitting on top.

The fourth shelf down (the third is a bunch of toiletries, electronics and only three books – The Fionavar Tapestry by Guy Gavriel Kay, Logan’s Run by William F. Nolan and The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Toni DiTerlizzi) is a mix of paperback and hardcover, because I wanted to keep authors together. All read.

And lastly, the bottom shelf. It’s my collection of graphic novels and a few books I couldn’t fit in on the other shelves.

Step 2: My action plan

My goal is to get through my collection of TBRs before September, when I start back in school and will have a lot less time to read. It’s slow going, but I can do it. I also want to clean up my shelves – I think I’ll have to buy another tote and start packing some away. I try to only keep my favourite books that I re-read, and my TBR pile in my room. It cuts down on the clutter and keeps things manageable.


Step 3: Implement the plan

Today I finished Golden Girl by Henry Melton (review forthcoming), in about an hour. I started The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting and am on page 79. I hope to get a good chunk read tonight and finish it tomorrow evening (I work all day). Then it’s on to The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Tenth Grade Bleeds by Heather Brewer and The Dead of Night by John Marsden. I think I’ll pick up a tote after work tomorrow and start getting some older (but loved) books put away to clear out my shelves.


5 thoughts on “Readathon Day 1 Activity

  1. I’m in the readathon and did this activity too. I have barely any books compared with many of this group!

    • I used to only have a few, but then I worked in a bookstore for a year. The employee discount really didn’t help my book addiction any, haha.

  2. Great plan! I should really pack away some books, but I do try to get rid of the ones I don’t love periodically. I used to only buy books I absolutely LOVED but then I started blogging and now my books have exploded ten-fold. Seriously. I feel like I’ve gained a good few hundred books between ALA and review books and my now consistent urge to buy books – because they’re so pretty… I really need to get back to my library and stop buying books lol. Good luck with your goals (I think it’d take me longer than September to read all of my unread ones!) and have fun reading!

    • Once a book is in my house, it’s really hard for me to part with it (unless I absolutely hated it). I’m of the mind that what happens if I want to re-read it, but I’ve given it away? I would go to the library, but the stock is horrible and the wait lists are so long it’s just easier to buy. I do love my used bookstores, though!

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