Read-a-thon Activity 3: Blog love

I’ve been pretty productive so far for the read-a-thon, though my vacation starts tomorrow so it’s these last three days in which I expct to make the most progress.

I finished and wrote my review for Golden Girl by Henry Melton, finished writing two reviews for books I had read months ago and never got around to reviewing, I’m almost finished The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting and I’ve started reading the graphic novel Fray by Joss Whedon (so excited for this one!!).

I plan to finish up The Body Finder tomorrow morning and then start (and hopefully finish) The Dead of Night by John Marsden. Also, as this week and read-a-thon continues, so do the activities! Today was day 3 of the ‘thon:


Activity: Share the Blog Love
Host: Kate @ The Neverending Shelf


* Create a post sharing with us 3 blogs that you love. They can be new, old, or just underappreciated.

* Your post should include the blog’s title, url link, and a small blurb about why you enjoy this blog so much.

* Leave link to your post in Mr. Linky so that we can all see your picks. And hopefully, we can all discover a few news blogs that we did not know about.


Everyone likes to give and recieve love, right? Bloggers join challenges and thons and what-have-yous to not only accomplish something, but meet new bloggers, too. This activity is perfect for the read-a-thon. Not only do we meet some new bloggers through the activity, but potentially three more through each participant – it’s awesome! The following three blogs are just a few of the ones I consistently look to for great content and personality (there are so many more!).


Stephanie @ Misfit Salon

While I mainly read YA, I do have a healthy appreciation for other categories of literature. Stephanie always has great reviews, written in a clear and concise manner. Her posts are always very interactive and welcoming of discussion and her personality really shines through!


Alyssa, Jake & Gregory Kirk @ Teens Read and Write

For my YA fix, one of the blogs I always enjoy reading is the team trio of Teens Read and Write. Alyssa, Jake and Gregory’s reviews are always so much fun to read. They have great insight into the novels and really put forward the information I like to see in a review – the good and the bad. They each have great information and really unique writing styles.


Steph @ Steph Su Reads

Another daily stop for my YA fix. Steph’s reviews are so passionate, and really grab your attention. I really enjoy the cover discussions and similar authors feature found at the end of her reviews. Steph has such a great, welcoming feel to her blog and has great feature posts to supplement the book reviews.


I could have picked SO MANY blogs for this activity, it was hard to narrow down to just three. To see a list of all the blogs I frequently read, check out my blogroll page.


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