Last Cookie for The Demon’s Covenant!

Today is the tenth of the month, which means that over on her blog, Sarah Rees Brennan has posted another cookie for her upcoming release The Demon’s Covenant – the LAST cookie! Why? Because May 18th is publication day!!

Since today was the last sneak peak we get at the book before it hits shelves, Sarah decided to be generous and give us two cookies – one with Alan, and one with Nick!

Glimpse of cookie 1:

“Hello,” her mother said, going for the fridge. Mae waved her coffee cup in greeting and watched as Annabel drew out a packet of lettuce leaves that had turned brown and dispirited.

“Oh dear,” she said. “Thai food all right by you?”

“I’ll be honest: I wasn’t going to eat salad either way.”

Annabel nodded with just a hint of pain. She and Mae had gone back and forth on this a thousand times, and Mae had made it extremely clear that she cared more about eating cheese sandwiches today than being skinny when she was forty. “Is James home? I’ll ask him what he wants.”

Glimpse of cookie 2:

“Do you mean—you’re not scared for yourself. He’d never—”

“I’m not scared of being hurt,” Alan said quietly. “I’m scared of what he’ll do. He could tear himself apart or tear the world apart, and next to those two choices what happens to
me doesn’t matter at all.”

“Hey,” Mae said sharply, and reached out and touched the hand that hung by his side. “It matters.”

He gave her a beautiful smile then, brilliant and surprised, which broke her heart a little because nobody should look startled that there was someone in the world who cared if they lived or died.

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