Top Ten Picks: My Favourite Writers

Top 10 Picks is a meme hosted by Jillian @ Random Ramblings, in which she picks a new topic each week and we have to create a list of our top 10. This week’s topic is favourite authors!

There is no particular order to my list. Although I have many favourite authors from the last few years, all ten of my picks have been with me a long time. They’ve written books/series that I either re-read frequently, have played significant roles in my life, recommend to everyone, whose books I wait (or have waited) for anxiously, or aided in my love of reading (sometimes all of them together).

Orson Scott Card
Card has the distinction of being one of the authors who I have read the most books by. I absolutely adore the Ender Series and have read (and own) all 10 major books, and a collection of the short stories. It was Card’s book Enchantment that made me fall in love with re-told fairy tales, and his novella Zanna’s Gift consistently makes me cry. I love his writing style, and world building. His characters are fully formed and believable and his books are on my automatic buy list.

J. K. Rowling
Does this need to be said? I started reading Harry Potter back in 1999, before it was a world-wide phenomenon. I have never spent so many years waiting for books to be published – I remember recieving the third book for my thirteen birthday! I’ve read each book multiple times (the first five I’ve probably read about ten times each – there were long wait times for books 6 and 7), and was actively involved in fandom for a long time. The world of Harry Potter is so rich and wonderful. The books are fun, full of adventure (and boarding school!), friendships, hardships and magic – every kids (and adults, too) dream.

Sara Douglass
The author of The Wayfarer Redemption series, Sara Douglass joins Orson Scott Card as one of the authors whose books I’ve devoured and read completely. The six books in the Wayfarer series are some of my favourite fantasy. I’m notorious for hating time skips in anything (not just books), and yet I love the time skip in this series. It just works. All of her books have amazingly intricate worlds and characters, and they are all so unique.

Katherine Paterson
She’s one of the most obvious authors on this list. Bridge to Terabithia holds such a large place in my bookish heart. Her writing just draws you in and makes you a part of the story. I read her book Jacob Have I Loved many years after Terabithia, and her writing still invoked that immediate love of the story. One of the best children’s writers, in my opinion.

Tamora Pierce
I’ve devoured everything I can get my hands on that was written by Tamora Pierce. I started with The Circle of Magic books and was instantly hooked. I quickly followed with The Immortals and The Song of the Lioness quartets. By this time there were yet more Circle books to read, and the Protector of the Small books. There’s just something about her strong female characters, unique magic and worlds that make her books so much to read.

Christopher Pike
The very first horror books I ever read were written by Christopher Pike. He not only has the distinction of being the author to introduce to me to horror and monsters, but to vampire lierature as well (and some early sci-fi!). His horror mysteries always sent chills up my spine, while his more sci-fi thinker books had my brain spinning. I had to read The Starlight Crystal about five times before I finally had everything worked out in my mind.

Scott Westerfeld
Some of the first YA books I picked up after my years of reading nothing but fantasy and romance, Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies Series had me craving more post-apocalyptic/dystopian literature. His concepts were simply amazing, and I loved his use of language. I followed up with Peeps (loved the idea of vampirism as a disease) and Midnighters (which I adore). So Yesterday is a fun look into trends and fashion, and the teen mind set. His books are easy and fun to read, yet can really get you thinking and are great for setting the imagination soaring!

Margaret Atwood
I love Margaret Atwood. I first encountered her books in high school (I had an English teacher who swore by her work) and kept reading them on my own time. My favourites are still The Handmaid’s Tale and Oryx and Crake, which isn’t surprising given my love of end-of-the-world scenarios. Atwood isn’t afraid to tackle tough subjects; her writing is raw and real – a little depressing at times, and yet still hopeful at others. I am so happy to claim her books as Canadian lit, and fully support their being taught in schools. Her work makes you think, makes you feel nso many emotions it’s ridiculous. Margaret Atwood is one talented lady.

Diane Duane
Her Young Wizards series is one of my favourite magical worlds, tied only with Harry Potter. She also has the distinction of being the second author whose books I’ve waited ridiculous amounts of time to be published – probably only a year or two shorter than my waits for Harry Potter. Her ideas on magic, wizardry, and life in general in this series are perfect. She writes with such attention for detail and specifics that I feel nothing is left out. She has beauty in her descriptions (especially book two, Deep Wizardry that I feel as if I’m there with the characters. Diane Duanes imagination is amazing.

Charles Sailor
While he may have only written one book (as far as I know), The Second Son is a novel I started with reservations, and as managed to secure a spot on my shelf of favourite books of all time. Not a small book by any means, I devoured the story of a New York iron worker who falls to his death, yet miraculously survives and is found to be the second son of God. The emotion that Charles Sailor conveys through his writing took my breath away at times. Some of the scenes where Joseph heals are beautifully written. My copy is so worn and well-loved, I wish they would do a re-print so I can buy a new, back up copy in case anything ever happens to mine.


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  1. Great picks! I love Tamora Pierce, Orson Scott Card and JK Rowling. I read the first of Diane Duane’s books a few years ago, but never continued on with the series… maybe I’ll have to do that now.

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