Christmas Movies, Lavender Lines Style

Today, please welcome Colleen of Lavender Lines!

I love Christmas movies. There’s just something so comforting about curling up on the couch with a hot cup of apple cider, some peanut butter balls and watching Billy Bob Thorton rob a mall. And who doesn’t get that warm Christmas feeling inside watching a Gremlin explode in the microwave? Ah, Christmas movies.

What? Come on, did you really think my favourite Christmas movies would be all mushy and, well, Christmas like? Nope, not a chance. I have my movies that I have to watch every year at Christmas, but they don’t include a Miracle on 34th Street (never seen it), It’s a Wonderful Life (fall asleep during it every frigging time) or The Sounds of Music (how in the Hell did THAT become a Christmas movie?). Uh-uh. My Christmas faves are scary, funny and sometimes just plain wrong.

My top three Christmas movies:

Ah, Gremlins! Who doesn’t like watching a movie where a town is terrorized on Christmas Eve by a bunch of little monsters? My favourite scene is when the old biddy gets shot out the window on her stairs chair. A true Christmas moment.

Badder Santa
Okay, this may well be one of the crudest, sickest and coolest Christmas movies I’ve ever seen. I’m not a huge fan of Thorton, but the wrongness of Badder Santa makes it right. And while it’s a pretty raunchy movie, the thing I like best is that there actually is some character development that happens. I’d love to show you one of my favourite scenes, but since the movie is littered with f-bombs, I kinda can’t.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
I’m sorry, but no Christmas is complete without a visit from the Griswalds. This is the movie that is responsible for making me realize that weird, wonderfully wrong Christmas movies are the only way to go. And God bless Randy Quaid. He was hilarious before he turned into a crazy criminal. There’s no way I can narrow it down to one favourite scene, so here’s the original trailer.

So if sappy, lovey-dovey Christmas movies are your thing, I say yay for you. You go enjoy your touching, Hallmark moment movies. I’ll be over here laughing my ass off.

– Colleen, Lavender Lines


4 thoughts on “Christmas Movies, Lavender Lines Style

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  2. Gremlins is a holiday movie? I’ve never seen it… Or Badder Santa. Christmas Vacation is alright, but NOTHING holds a candle to Home Alone. hehehe.

  3. I’ve never seen Badder Santa either! I have seen Gremlins, though, and love it. Amy, you definitely need to see at least Gremlins 😀 But I agree…Home Alone is pretty wicked.

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