The Year Amy’s Christmas Went Wrong

Today, please welcome Amy of Amy Reads!

I’ve written a few Christmas related posts already this year and so wasn’t sure what to talk about today for the 12 Days of Christmas feature. And then my LibraryThing secret santa present showed up and I knew EXACTLY what to talk about.

The year Christmas went wrong.

Oh it is scary to even THINK about this event, but I will share it with you to show you how bad Christmas can go. I’m talking The Grinch bad. Or worse!

In 2007 I stumbled across LibraryThing and instantly fell in love: a place to list my books, and tag them, and discuss them with others? I was instantly sold. I bought a lifetime membership and got cataloging. When the holiday season rolled around I saw a message about the LibraryThing Secret Santa. I always get books from my family (what else would they get me?!) but couldn’t resist the fun of participating. I happily signed up, picked out a gift for my Santee, and eagerly awaited mine. When it showed up I was so excited and jumping for joy. I mean, more books is always exciting right?

And then Christmas came… The family was all around the tree opening gifts… and each gift I opened was some odd thing that I hadn’t requested (i.e. NOT books). I kept waiting, and waiting, and waiting… and I got NO BOOKS. The entire family decided that I had TOO MANY books and so on principle decided NOT to get me any for Christmas!

Are you horrified? I was shocked. I mean, I liked what they gave me, but what an opinion to hold! Thankfully in years since I have always received books, but I always make sure to sign up for Secret Santa swaps JUST IN CASE they bring the horror back!

I hope everyone has a great (and book filled!) Christmas!

– Amy, Amy Reads


18 thoughts on “The Year Amy’s Christmas Went Wrong

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  2. Ugh, my family is acting like that this year. I didn’t submit anything but books on my wishlist (okay, books and the movie UP, but that was considered too expensive, so there you go). They blatantly refused ordering from the book depository, and the books I had on the list were “too weird and unknown” for a regular bookshop (don’t ask me why, they aren’t that weird) so I had to make an extra list yesterday, with books that are readily available in Dutch stores.. Weird thing is, I find it hard to think of any other gift except books, does that mean I’m spoiled, or does every book blogger have this problem?

    I do sympathize with you Amy, a Christmas without books, it is hard to imagine!

    • Oh no Iris, I’m sorry! I don’t think its spoiled, I think it’s just knowing what we want 🙂 I hope they get you something that you enjoy at least 🙂

  3. I love this story Amy! I can imagine that horror. A christmas without books would be almost Stephen-King-nightmarish!
    I’m lucky that my family has caught onto the gift cards thing, and I always get one every year so I can get my own books 🙂

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  5. Argh! I feel terrible for your 2007 self, Amy, and for present day Iris! Fortunately my family has never done this to me, even though they probably do think I have too many books 😛

  6. What a funny story. 🙂

    We just moved and my brothers told me (after moving all 1200+ of my books) that I am not allowed to buy or acquire any more books because they don’t want to move them. 🙂 I thought it was hilarious, but I better be getting books this year because that’s all I asked for!

    • Yes… My father cries when I move I think. But luckily I’ve been where I am now for 1.5 years and have no immediate plans of moving! I hope they still get you books Allie!

  7. Hahaha, I love this…especially the bit about how they decided to not buy you books “on principle.” Clearly they didn’t understand how important it is to FEED the addiction! But which book did your LibraryThing Secret Santa end up sending you that year? You left that bit out!

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