Shanyn Shines the Light on Christmas

Please welcome Shanyn of Chick Loves Lit!

One of the things I love the most about the holidays (besides food, family, friends, wrapping gifts), are…

Christmas Lights.

Yes, the lights! I love them. (And, okay, I like lots of other things about the holidays.)

My husband and I lived in a new neighborhood this holiday season, and I was pleasantly surprised with the number of houses that participated in this tradition. During Halloween, more than half of the houses in our large neighborhood were decorated, so I had high hopes for the Christmas season – and, of course, the houses delivered.

I am a fan of artfully placed lights – though the inflatable deer/santas/Grinches/etc are fun, they are often overdone.

I am not sure what the rules are for taking pictures of other houses (and their lights), so instead I have some awesome light examples I have found on the Internet. If you have a picture of your house + lights, I would love to see it!

Credits to photos:

Thank you to Cait for allowing me to participate in the 12 Days of Christmas at Escape Through the Pages! I hope that you are all having a wonderful holiday season 🙂

– Shanyn, Chick Loves Lit