Code Name: Silence by Kirstin van Dyke

Code Name: Silence
by Kirstin van Dyke
ISBN-13: 9-78094-340064
Rating: 3 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I liked it

Imagine what it would be like to walk through walls. Kathy Allen doesn’t have to. She already can. She and her friends aren’t normal. They’re stronger, faster and have amazing abilities that no normal human could ever have…but they aren’t superheroes. Yet.

Right now, all Kathy’s powers are good for is getting her to school on time. She knows she could do much more, but the professionals are handling all the normal crimes. Until now.

A masked thief emerges that no one can stop. He leaves no clues. Security systems are no challenge for him, but Kathy thinks she and her friends are. The chance to prove themselves has arrived. And when you’re a superhero, what can possibly go wrong?


I have some mixed feelings about this book. Code Name: Silence is the story of four friends with super powers who help catch a criminal. I really enjoyed the plot idea, and there was some great action scenes. I think younger teens will really like this book, and get quite involved with it. That being said, I think there were a few things that could have been worked out a little differently.

Firstly was the lack of explanation for the powers Kathy and her friends have (especially Linda’s). Now, I know there is a sequel planned, so maybe the explanation will come in time, so it’s not too big of a deal. Also, the use of code names in the book was a little confusing – I had a hard time remembering who everyone was in the beginning, though the more I read the easier it was to clue in that Kathy was Hidden Hawk, Aaron was Vision, etc. I just found the jump between their names and their code names awkward at times. There’s also a small romantic element near the end of the novel that I don’t think was necessary – the story was working well without it. I like the idea of four friends just hanging out and fighting bad guys!

I think teens will connect with Kathy, Linda, Aaron and Robert, normal kids with extraordinary abilities. Especially Kathy, who uses her powers to get out of being late to school (doesn’t every high schooler wish they had that ability? I know I did!). The writing is engaging, and the story moves at a nice fast pace, with lots of fun action. Teenagers kicking butt – always a good time. It’ll be interesting to see where the sequel takes the storyline!

* Thank you to Kirstin van Dyke for providing me with a copy for review!