Looks Like Six More Weeks of Winter to Me!

Welcome to my snowmaggedon! Snowpocalypse? Either one works, I suppose (sry it’s blurry, but I think it gets the height across). But really, this is normal for this time of year. We’ve actually been having a pretty decent winter, and I had been wondering where our snow was. Apparently, the States is getting it all! I’m officially able to say I live in the frozen North, though, which is always fun.

We got about 20-25 cm of snow today, on top of the foot or so we already had. There had been a snowfall woarning for another 20 cm overnight, but the radio said that just got cancelled. We have only about 4 more cm to look forward to before it’s back to work in the morning.

I love going out in the snow, though I don’t like the shoveling part! I meant to just do my deck (driveway was already done) but I ended up helping a neighbour shovel out the end of her driveway since she doesn’t have a snowblower, and the plow went by four times while we were out there. My arms are like jell-o, and I think it’s a good night for some hot chocolate and a book (and maybe my snuggie :P). Hopefully the roads are clear tomorrow, and the groundhog was correct today in saying spring will be on time.

(I’m not smiling because I enjoy shoveling. I just get fidgety when a camera is pointed at me and grin awkwardly.)