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Today I am very excited to welcome author Jennifer Jabaley to Escape Through the Pages!

Jennifer Jabaley

Crush Control (2011)
Lipstick Apology (2009)

Welcome to Escape Through the Pages! In Crush Control, Willow and her mom both practice hypnotism either as entertainment or to help others. Where did the idea to feature hypnotism in your book come from? Is it something you’ve had an interest in?

I’ve never really had much of an interest in hypnotism prior to writing Crush Control. The inspiration came while my daughter was up in the middle of the night. She was not a great sleeper and I was very tired and maybe, just a little delirious 🙂 I was rocking her back and forth and jokingly said, “you are getting sleepy. Sleepy!” Then it occured to me – hypnotism would be a fun topic to investigate for my next story!

I am usually the skeptic in the audience at hypnotism shows. Have you ever been hypnotized, or would you ever want to be?

When I decided to write Crush Control, I did a lot of research about hypnotism. That included a trip to Las Vegas to witness an actual performance. A good friend of mine went along and she was definitely the skeptic. I wasn’t sure how I felt. But during the initial part of the show, the induction, the hypnotist had twenty volunteers on stage, but there was a woman in the audience sitting right behind us who became hypnotized just by listening to him onstage. He recognized this and pulled her out of the audience and on to the stage. Then at the end of the show he reminded us all that all the volunteers had started up on stage but this one lady had not so she would be confused when she woke up. And when she was woken up, the look of complete confusion and even panic was something that could not have been acted. That forever sealed the deal for me that hypnotism works. And my skeptical friend? She was convinced, too.

What kinds of research did you need to do for the techniques Willow uses in the book to hypnotize Mia and Quinton?

After witnessing the stage performance, I also did a ton of research about hypnotherapy – that’s the use of hypnosis in a more scientific manner to help people gain control over a bad habit. There’s a wealth of information about this topic and I found myself becoming very interested in it. I did talk to one person who used hypnotherapy to help control pain and anxiety – she even allowed me to read the transcripts of one of her sessions. It was great to see the actual wording the therapist used and it was very helpful to speak to someone who had undergone the process and hear their honest input.

If you could have a hypnotism show in Las Vegas and have participants do three things, what three things would you choose?

When I saw the show in Las Vegas it was so funny and entertaining but so cringeworthy because the participants were embarrassing themselves. I don’t think I could ever do anything that would knowingly embarrass someone. (I’d probably have a very boring show!) I think rather I’d ask each volunteer what three things they wish they could try but were afraid and then tailor the show to each person.

Willow’s English class is studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Which Shakespeare play would you say is your favourite? (I’m partial to Hamlet, myself)

I tend to prefer comedies and romance over tragedy, so I’d say in addition to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I prefer Romeo and Juliet – probably the most well known romance story to date.

Thanks so much for having me on your blog and I hope you enjoyed Crush Control!

Thank you Jen!

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