Once Upon a Read-a-thon Update and Mini-Challenges

Whew! I’ve been reading straight since 1:00pm on my e-reader. Combined with the dark and rainy day outside and I am almost falling asleep! But, I’m at 60% through Stravaganza: City of Masks, and I have Forever lined up and ready to go. In order to wake myself up, I thought I’d take this time to do the two mini-challenges for today!

First challenge, hosted by The Bookish Type:

Pick any book from your readathon pile and write a fake synopsis based solely on the cover. The synopsis does not have to be related to the actual book at all, just the pretty, pretty cover.

Arianna has never seen the ocean. In fact, she has never left her middle-of-nowhere small town, where she’s on the verge of rebelling against over-protective parents. And what’s with the lack of mirrors in the house, anyway? So when her parents go away for the weekend, and a friend invites her on what would be the trip of her lifetime, she jumps at the chance.

What she doesn’t realize is that this dream trip will turn into a nightmare when she nearly drowns in the ocean and suddenly finds herself in the most mixed-up world imaginable. Traveling through a fairy-tale, watery world, Arianna is drafted into the female fighting corp in the middle of the Alice Rebellion, where mirrored surfaces reveal horrors, and everyone stays out of the water. She needs to fight the dictatorial monarchy to find her way back home – if it’s even possible.

The second challenge for today is hosted by YA Bliss:

In my opinion, a well done love triangle should be one where the choice is not clear, where you can’t help but being torn yourself between both characters and you are uncertain as to which will end up being ‘the one’. So if you were, lets say Team Mr. Obvious from book 1, and he ended up getting the girl and you were stoked about it because you hated Mr. Wrong all along, that is NOT a good love-triangle. That is merely A love-triangle. Got it?

I had to think hard on this one, apparently I don’t read many love-triangle books, and I think I’ve finally got my top 3:

1. Ash vs. Puck in The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. I’ve still only read the first book, and I can’t even begin to guess which one she’ll end up with.
2. Nate vs. Ariel in Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev. It’s the “bad boy” vs. “the good guy” in this one, and I like them both!
3. Quinton vs. Max in Crush Control by Jennifer Jabaley. I really thought at one point that Willow was going to ‘pick’ differently than she did.


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  1. I just started reading The Iron King (for the readathon) mostly because I’ve heard it is such a great love triangle. I’m excited to get farther into it 🙂

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