Across the Universe Contest Entry

Beth Revis, author of the amazing Across the Universe is having a gigantic contest on her blog! Open internationally, to enter you need to do something creative around the series. The prize? An ARC of A Million Suns, the sequel, and an Across the Universe charm bracelet (it’s so pretty!).

Since most of my creativity comes out in cake form, I thought it would be the perfect medium to work with. Especially since I don’t think they get much cake out there in space on the Godspeed. Below, you’ll find a montage of my process.

I chose to shape my cake like a book, and I wanted to keep it as close to the hardcover version of Across the Universe as possible. I used white fondant to cover the cake, scratching lines in three sides to represent the book’s pages. The cover I painted using luster dust and edible glitter to represent the colours of space found on the cover of the book. For the spine, I used grey fondant, with a white fondant strip painted with the same luster dust and glitter as the cover. White buttercream icing was used to pipe the name of the book, Beth’s last name, and the published: razOrbill. Rather than replicate the cover exactly, I chose to represent the ship that is so essential to the book’s plot by drawing a stencil of the logo found on the cover of the book and cutting it out in fondant. The cake itself is one layer of red velvet to represent Amy’s hair, and a layer of deep dark chocolate to represent space.

I loved making this cake, it was so much fun. But what I loved even more? Eating it! 😀 Chocolate and red velvet are my favourites, so putting them together was wicked. Beth, I hope you like it, and I wish I could ship cake in the mail!!


8 thoughts on “Across the Universe Contest Entry

  1. I am totally amazed by your baking and cake decorating skills! I try baking, things catch on fire. Even store-bought cookie dough. But seriously awesome cake you made there, Cait!


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