Review: Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! by Jason Pinter

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy!
by Jason Pinter

ISBN-13: 9-781402-257551
Published: November 2011 from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Rating: 4 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I really liked it

It all started on a day like any other.

The sun rose. I had waffles for breakfast. I caught my dad SCRATCHING HIS BUTT. It was a rerun of pretty much every day of my life. But late that night, EVERYTHING CHANGED…

One minute I’m digging through my neighbor’s garbage looking for clues (long story), and the next minute I’m KIDNAPPED BY GOONS and MISTAKEN FOR A SPY.

You might think everything I’m about to tell you is a big lie. But I promise you that THIS IS ALL TRUE. This is how the fate of the world fell into the hands of an UNIMPORTANT DORKY KID FROM NOWHERESVILLE.

This is such a fun book! Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! is narrated by Zeke, a 7th grade zero average in everything. Zeke talks directly to his audience during parts of the book and relates how he was kidnapped, rescued, chased, and ultimately had to try and save the world. With a little help, of course.

Zeke is an immediately likeable character. He’s imaginative, a little geeky, a nice kid and good person. A little too preoccupied with spies, maybe, and that preoccupation leads to both the scariest and greatest adventure of his young life. An adventure which is fairly fascinating, truth be told. I was a little unsure about the lava-powered baddie that comes after Zeke, since even though this is a book about kid spies, it seemed just a bit too farfetched. Still, ignoring lava-man for the moment, Zeke and Sparrow (the girl spy who comes to his rescue) are two pretty intelligent and resourceful kids. Why not have kids as spies? Who would ever suspect them!

Zeke Bartholomew: Superspy! is the promising beginning to a series. It has solid writing and is never boring. While the plot is a little predictable for this kind of book and at some points unbelievable the entertainment factor highly makes up for it. Zeke is an awesome narrator and character and I’m looking forward to the sequel in order to find out more about kid spies, especially the mysterious (evil)spy neighbour of Zeke’s who starts the whole adventure in motion, quite by accident, really.I can see this one being a big hit with the upper elementary and middle school crowd!

ARC copy received from Sourcebooks Jabberwocky via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!