Review: The Amulet Chronicles 1: The Journey Home by Erika Ely Lewis & Anne Tibbets

The Amulet Chronicles 1: The Journey Home
by Erika Ely Lewis & Anne Tibbets

ISBN-13: 9-781419-675829
Published: May 2011 from Premier Digital Publishing
Rating: 2.5 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I basically liked it

Joey Thompson doesn’t know the significance of the necklace she finds in her Aunt Camille’s apothecary until it start spinning. In a rush of white light she is transported into the past! Forced into the job of a Tempes Soudeour, or Time Soldier, Joey must return the existing time line continuum to its rightful order, or be stuck in the past forever! Facing a Time Pirate, conspiracies beyond her control, and in an era she is far too unfamiliar with, Joey must discover and complete her mission with her only help coming from The Amulet.

The Journey Home is a promising start to a teen time-travel series. One morning, Joey picks up a strange amulet at her Aunt Camille’s shop. By the end of the school day she has been whisked away into the past, with no idea how she got there or how to get home – if she even can get home.

Though I didn’t love this book, I enjoyed the concept. Joey’s Aunt Camille, and her grandmother, belong to a society that keeps watch over Time and makes sure history runs its course. By picking up the amulet and it activating, Joey has unwittingly joined the society early. Though there was very little surprise or suspense for me, a feel a younger reader may enjoy the story more. For example, Joey makes frequent mention of how she finds history boring, and the history class we see in the beginning of the book is all about the Underground Railroad. For me, it was quite apparent that this is the time period to which Joey would be sent. There was no surprise in who the villain of the story is, and Peter’s – a Time Soldier sent to tell Joey what’s happened to her – uncertain intentions are never that uncertain.

Joey is a likeable character. She’s a tad whiny and complains a bit, makes some blunders in the past that could have screwed everything up, but she’s kind, determined and smarter than she thinks. So while I found the story a bit predictable and I wasn’t a fan of some of the writing (mostly during dialogue), Joey is a memorable character and the history woven in with the plot line is interesting and well done.

Paperback received from author Anne Tibbets in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


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