Teaser Tuesday (44)

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The Book of Blood and Shadow
by Robin Wasserman
Publication: April 12, 2012 from Random House

“I picked through the ruins, folding every stray shirt, smoothing out wrinkled history notes, putting scattered paper clips, staples, stamps, and pens neatly back into their containers. Eli didn’t question my judgement on which things belonged to Max and which to Chris, nor did he ask why the Moores would want a stack of index cards from a first-semester paper on the Glorious Revolution or a collection of stolen shot glasses, one from each frat. He just took what I handed him and put it into a box.”
– page 127, ARC


4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday (44)

  1. Very interesting… I have to wonder why the Moores would want those things either… Great teaser!

    If you’d like, you can check out my teaser here.

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