Book Discussion: Dislike vs. Disappointment

You know how sometimes there are those books you pick up to read that everyone loves? You start reading with the expectation that you too will love it, but in the end…you don’t. In fact, you fairly dislike it. Sucks, right? Of course it does. But I discovered the other day something worse (for me) than just disliking a book: being disappointed in a book.

I think the difference is that if I dislike a book, ok. I may not like the writing, the plot or the characters and that’s fine. Not every book is going to be for me, despite the recommendations from others or the rave reviews it’s been receiving so far. But to be disappointed in a book means I was incredibly excited for it and expecting great things based not just on other people’s opinions, but on my own love of the synopsis/cover/author/etc. And while I may like the book in the end, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. And that, is disappointing; and for me, worse than if I just ended up disliking it.

I find books I’m disappointed in harder to review than books I dislike, too. If I dislike a book, its usually fairly easy for me to articulate why in a review. If I was disappointed, however, I often have trouble articulating as to why. Books I’m disappointed in generally receive a good rating because I did like them, but the body of the review is very back and forth.

Does anyone else have this distinction when you read? Or do books you’re disappointed in generally fall under the category of dislike as well?