Pick Your Thon Day 2 Mini Challenge

Day 2 of the Pick Your Thon hosted by The Book Monsters sees one review written so far, and some more chapters read in Pandemonium. I’m taking a quick break to eat some lunch and answer today’s mini challenge! The particulars of the mini-challenge can be found at Kristen’s post.

The bookshelf on your left is more like a cabinet, and each shelf is two deep of books. I also have a second one in my basement that houses some movies in addition to the books. The shelf on your right used to be under one of my windows but has been moved to the closet to make way for the big white shelf in the picture below.

The books in stacked piles in the picture on your left are all going to be going into the white bookshelf once the rest of them arrive (they’re my BEA books and I’m still waiting on a Fedex). In addition to these three in my room and the other cabinet downstairs, I have about 5 or 6 large totes filled with books in storage. Once I get all the stacked books into the white shelves, I’ll start rearranging the cabinet in the above picture. It needs some love.

2 thoughts on “Pick Your Thon Day 2 Mini Challenge

  1. I really like your shelves! I had my books also two deep, but decided to change that. Also, my eyes keep drifting to your nail polishes. I’m addicted to buying those too!

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