Pick Your Thon Day 4 Mini Challenge

Welcome to day 4 of the Pick Your Thon hosted by The Book Monsters. I’ve very happy to be hosting today’s mini challenge! Below, you will find six pieces of books covers. All you need to do is leave me the name and author of the book in the form below. Also, I will be giving away a debut of your choice to one winner who answers at least 3 titles correctly. Open internationally, only to participants of the Pick Your Thon.

Hint: all six are 2012 debuts

Today’s Letter: U


7 thoughts on “Pick Your Thon Day 4 Mini Challenge

  1. Oops! I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice that it was open to participants of Pick-Your-Thon only until I read it twice πŸ˜€
    Please delete my entry. Thanks!

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