Review: Teen Boat! by Dave Roman & John Green

Teen Boat!
by Dave Roman & John Green

ISBN-13: 9-780547-636696
Publication: May 2012 from Clarion Books (HMH)
Rating: 3.5 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I liked it

Teen Boat! is the Ignatz Award-winning story of a boy with the power to transform into a small yacht! From breaking out into barnacles to facing pirates and detention, all the challenges of adolescence are here with a nautical twist. Being a teen AND being a boat means dealing with a lot of pier pressure!

Teen Boat! is one interesting graphic novel. Broken into parts, the novel is divided into mini stories – almost like episodes in a television show. All deal with the adventures and antics of Teen Boat, a typical high school guy on the surface, but with the mysterious power to turn into a small yacht.

The panels in Teen Boat! are colourful and easy to follow, and the artwork is very easy on the eyes. The story is, like I said, a bunch of mini-episodes all with an overarching plot of Teen Boat in high school and his adventures. There’s a fun mystery with his friend Joey (who climbs through his window via ladder in the first story, very reminiscent of Joey in Dawson’s Creek) who we figure has some sort of changing power, too, only it’s not yet explored. Leaves something for the next book, I suppose!

Teen Boat! is a very random graphic novel, with a crazy premise, but good storytelling and artwork. I see elementary school kids getting a kick out of this one, and teens appreciating the humour and situations Teen Boat finds himself in.

Hardcover copy received from Thomas Allen & Son in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


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