Smart Chicks Kick It Re-cap

Today was the Smart Chicks Kick It signing in Dartmouth and you know I was there! A chance to see Sarah Rees Brennan, Melissa Marr, Jeri Smith-Ready, Kelley Armstrong , Melissa de la Cruz and Charles de Lint? Yes please! Though I’ve never read any Kelley Armstrong, my mother has, so I dragged her along with me so I had someone to talk to while waiting for the event to start. We arrived at Chapters around 1pm (the event started at 2pm) and already it was standing room only – the chairs were taken and people we already sitting/standing in behind. There was some trivia and prizes while we waited, and the MC was extremely entertaining.

At 2pm, the authors arrived and the Q&A session got underway with Kelly Armstrong leading the charge. They all introduced themselves and their books, and then started taking questions from the audience. Sarah Rees Brennan was hilarious and started off with a memorable story of how though she brought four bathing suits with her on this tour, only, two were found in a cupboard and that it’s ok to use mystery bathing suits because they’re chlorinated and should be disease free, right? (bahaha). When asked why they’d want to do more Canadian tours (since they said they did!), Kelley mentioned how polite Canadians are, but Melissa de la Cruz threw in that they really want to be here for Tim Horton’s donuts, with Jeri chiming in that the coffee is better than Duncan Donuts.

One audience member asked how they get over writer’s block, and Melissa Marr’s answer was by far the best. She said that she’ll put on a snorkel and go under water (bath tub, pool, whatever). The silence helped. Melissa de la Cruz said, when asked which one of their characters they’d love to spend a day with, all the characters she’s killed off. During the lightning question round, in which Sarah took control of the walk and ran around the audience so we could ask questions, Jeri said her favourite animal/creature is a pterodactyl, Charles said none yet when they were asked about the first boy they’d ever kissed, and basically all of them said they read or have read fanfiction of their work, but only after they’re done writing those characters.

Sarah climbed over the table a couple of times and did a dramatic synopsis of one of Kelley’s books, there was a lot of laughter and a lot of interesting answers to questions. One of my favourite questions was what their favourite book is outside of one of their own. Jeri’s is Every Day by David Levithan (at the moment), Sarah’s is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Melissa de la Cruz likes War and Peace (but only the peace parts). The line ups moved really well when it came time for the signing portion of the event, and I was able to get to see Melissa Marr and Sarah Rees Brennan without much of a wait. Though Mom did have a bit of a line and wait for Kelley Armstrong.

I brought my ARC of Carnival of Souls with me to be signed and chatted with Melissa for a bit about any changes between the ARC and finished copy, so I know what scenes to re-read. I also brought The Demon’s Lexicon from home, and when Sarah saw the cover she said how she didn’t see many of that one anymore. I mentioned that I may have bought it on release day :P. Also, since we chatted about differences between the ARC and finished copy for Unspoken, too, she handed me a penny necklace since I’d already read the book and would know what it stood for (it’s so cool).

This event was awesome. I hope we’ll see more like it in the future!


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