Guest Post: Author Marissa Moss [blog tour]

Today I am delighted to have the author of Mira’s Diary: Lost in Paris Marissa Moss here at Escape Through the Pages with a guest post about time travel.

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Max Disaster (series)
Daphne’s Diary of Daily Disasters (series)
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Time Travel Intrigue

As a kid, my first introduction to time travel was Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. That was it, I was hooked. The idea that time could be fluid, that events could be altered with unimaginable consequences, that the smallest thing can have enormous ripple effects – these are all magnets to any writer. Authors are always asking what if questions and time travel invites an incredible range of “what ifs.”

For a writer who loves history, time travel is even more seductive. What if the Pope had allowed Henry VIII to divorce his wife? What if the South had won the Civil War? What if John F. Kennedy hadn’t been assassinated? In writing Mira’s Diary, I not only researched the history I was writing about, but the notion of time travel itself. Beyond the classic Back to the Future trilogy and a lot of science fiction, including H.G. Well’s classic, The Time Machine, I read David Lowenthal’s The Past is a Foreign Country, a compendium of time travel through the ages, in literature, science, and philosophy. Because time travel is tricky. Do you allow paradoxes or dismiss them as an unfair cheat?

What does quantum physics tell us about time travel? Would Einstein believe in time travel? I have a hunch he would. And some things make such good stories, I don’t mind leaving the science a bit fuzzy. Just because we can’t time travel yet doesn’t mean we won’t be able to. Or that in some parallel universe we already have.

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