Review: Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey

Demon Eyes
by Scott Tracey

ISBN-13: 9-780738-726458
Publication: October 2012 from Flux
Series: book 2 in Witch Eyes
Rating: 3.5 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I liked it
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Braden thought he had destroyed Lucien, a calculating demon trapped for centuries in a human body. But he’s haunted by disturbing visions of the undead demon promising to return and a terrible warning: The feud between Belle Dam’s two witch dynasties–ruled by Catherine Lansing and Braden’s father–is about to get unimaginably worse. As young girls start disappearing from town, Braden knows Lucien’s diabolical scheme has been set in motion. Forced to explore the unknown powers of his witch eyes, Braden becomes the ultimate weapon in a deadly magical war.


Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey, the second book in the Witch Eyes series, thrusts readers right back into Braden’s story with immediate creepy happenings, mystery and intrigue.

While Braden is still recovering from the happenings in Witch Eyes, new developments are arising in Belle Dam that aren’t looking so good for our main characters. Girls are disappearing and there are hints that the demon Lucien may not be as dead as we’d all hoped. Over the course of the book Braden showcases the beginnings of a personality change, but who wouldn’t start to think and act differently when dealing with things that can kill you and a debilitating power – also the uncertainty that is his relationship with Trey (at one point, in amongst them not being together, they end up making out in a closet. I’m sure I found it more hilarious than it was meant to be). And Jason, Braden’s father? I can understand why Braden gets so frustrated and annoyed at him sometimes – he is quite aggravating at times, though I can’t help thinking there’s more to the feud between the Lansings and the Thorpes than Braden is being told. Also, I’m curious how Drew plays into everything. He has to have some more backstory than what has been revealed so far.

I thought I would spend most of this second book still being a bit confused about the witches and the town (do Trey and Jade have powers? People in the town seem to know about the feud, but do they know about witches?), but questions are definitely answered in Demon Eyes that start to clear up some questions for both Braden and the reader! But despite all the answers revealed, more questions just keep coming, things get more mysterious than ever before and honestly, you can’t trust anyone in this town. I’m surprised everyone’s not paranoid about everything and everyone else – I would be. There is a good pace set throughout the book, not too much investigating or too much constant action. The best action is the ending, and there are some great revelations about Grace (the witch who had the Witch Eyes before Braden and large part of the town’s history and founding).

While I found a few plot threads to be a bit hard to follow since there is quite a lot going on and not all the information we need has been presented yet, that’s also a bit of a good thing? There are still lots of loose ends to tie up in the third book, and a cliffhangery ending to lead right into it. Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey is a solid second book in the series. It shows Braden becoming more aggressive in his search for what’s been happening with the feud, in Belle Dam and what’s going on with his Witch Eyes, steps up the plot twists and turns and even has some angsty romance going on. I’m curious to see where the third book takes us.

e-ARC provided thanks to Netgalley and Flux in exchange for my honest review. Thanks!

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