Top Ten Favourite Fantasy Authors

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic is “Favorite Authors In X Genre” so I picked fantasy, I genre I used to read in high school (to the exclusion of all else) and still love to get my hands on. You can join in at this post.

1. Sara Douglass – author of The Wayfarer Redemption saga and many more, I devoured Sara’s books in high school. I loved the plots, characters and it didn’t hurt that the artwork for the covers of the books I own was done by one of my favourite artists.

2. Elizabeth Haydon – author of The Symphony of Ages series. Strong female lead, interesting characters, great settings (I have to admit, though, I enjoy the original trilogy best) and oh yea – cover art by that same favourite artist (Luis Royo, in case you want to look it up).

3. Patricia C. WredeThe Enchanted Forest Chronicles was some of the first fantasy I read, and I loved it. A snarky, capable, practical princess lead and dragons. Also magic, wizards that melt and hard-headed princes. Love!

4. Terry Goodkind – Elaborate worlds with rich detail, fully realized characters, intense magic and action. The Sword of Truth series is amazing and I would read any fantasy by him.

5. David Eddings – I’ve read two full series of his, and loved both. I have started a third, and need to find time to dive back into it!

6. Alexandra Bracken – though Brightly Woven is her only pure fantasy, I fell in love with it and would gladly read more from her.

7. J. K. Rowling – though Harry Potter takes place on Earth as we know it, it is still some of the best attention grabbing fantasy I’ve read. I’m with Harry for life, I’ve been sharing his adventures since 1999 after all.

8. Diane Duane – another wizard world that I love, Diane Duane’s writing always drags me in and keeps me hooked from the first sentence to the last.

9. Garth Nix – I loved The Keys to the Kingdom, and have his Abhorsen trilogy here to read (I think I started the first one at one point and then got distracted. I really need to pick it up again). His books are so much fun, and his world building is amazing.

10. Robert Jordan – even though I stopped at book ten in Wheel of Time, I couldn’t not mention Robert Jordan. His books took up most of my grade nine year, snagging me a best friend and that best friend a boyfriend. His books introduced me to RPGs, message boards and the wonder of online friends. Also to all-encompassing worlds, characters so well-written I want to strangle them sometimes (one in particular), and plot so convoluted but seamless I was never confused. Maybe I should suck it up and try book ten again, eh?


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