Review: Fierce Short – Love You Like Suicide by Jo Treggiari

Love You Like Suicide
by Jo Treggiari

Publication: October 9, 2012 from Fierce Ink Press
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Set against the backdrop of the 1980s California punk scene, Love You Like Suicide explores the dark side of growing up. Author Jo Treggiari writes frankly about a period in her youth when she was addicted to drugs and living in a derelict neighbourhood.

After a near-fatal accident, Jo is determined to clean up and start a fresh, new life. But there’s one thing she can’t leave behind: a tender friendship, on the brink of being lost forever.

Love You Like Suicide is a gritty, true account of an adolescent who struggles against the odds to make a better life for herself.

Love You Like Suicide by Jo Treggiari is a Fierce Short – a creative non-fiction piece published through Fierce Ink Press in which twenty percent of all proceeds from sales will go to Heartwood Centre in Halifax. Each Fierce Short author choose their own charity.

Though told in the format of a fictional narrative, Love You Like Suicide is non-fiction, a fact which makes the story even more powerful. Detailing a rough and gritty look at a time in the author’s teen years when she was addicted to drugs, this short will at once break your heart and give you hope. Though the circumstances that lead to a life change are not ones to wish for – a near-fatal accident and a tragic death – the creative short still presents a sense of strength and determination in the narrator in regards to living her life differently.

Love You Like Suicide is an incredibly well-written, creative non-fiction piece that shows some of the tougher sides of growing up, loving, and learning.