Top Ten New To Me Authors In 2012


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Hemlock 1. Kathleen Peacock – her debut novel Hemlock was released in the spring and I loved it. Werewolves, mystery, great writing – I can’t wait for the sequel!

2. Megan Bostic – Megan’s debut Never Eighteen had me in tears. She was able to convey emotion through her writing so well. It’s a beautiful book.

3. Robison Wells – the Variant audio book had me yelling at my car stereo when it ended; talk about a cliffhanger!! I was completely absorbed in this book and am dying to finally have time to sit down and read the sequel.

Carnival of Souls 4. Melissa Marr – Carnival of Souls is the first Melissa Marr book I’ve read and I loved it. Amazing world-building and vivid writing had me captivated. I’m definitely going to be reading Melissa Marr’s backlist soon!

5. Tui T. Sutherland – the middle grade novel Wings of Fire had me crazy happy. A fantasy involving dragons, a prophecy and a quest? Yes please! Such an engaging read.

6. Catherine Austen – All Good Children really blew me away when I read it. An amazingly well-done dystopian novel and Canadian to boot! It was quite a powerful book.

7. Jennifer A. Nielsen – I love a good fantasy, and The False Prince was wonderful. It’s not often I find a YA high fantasy that I love, but this is one of them. Great characters and a solid world made it easy to dive right in and not want to leave.

Unnaturalists 8. Tiffany Trent – I highly enjoyed The Unnaturalists and the world that Tiffany Trent created. The imagery was beautiful and the magic new and exciting. Doesn’t hurt that it’s steampunk and fairly awesome.

9. Jessica Khoury – her debut Origin is beautifully descriptive and inventive. I enjoyed venturing to the Rainforest and being part of all the drama that unfolded.

10. Kat Zhang – What’s Left of Me is an intense debut with an amazing concept. Two souls, one body. I was captivated and am eager to learn more about the world Kat Zhang has created!


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  1. Nice list! We don’t have any overlap, but I agree with several of your choices. And on that note, I need to check out the Sutherland MG fantasy you mention. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

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