Review: Timeless by Alexandra Monir

Timeless new Timeless
by Alexandra Monir

ISBN-13: 9-780385-738392
Publication: January 2011 from Delacorte BYR
Rating: 3.5 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I liked it
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When tragedy strikes Michele Windsor’s family, she is forced to move from Los Angeles to New York City to live with the wealthy, aristocratic grandparents she’s never met. In their historic Fifth Avenue mansion, filled with a century’s worth of family secrets, Michele discovers the biggest family secret of all – an ancestor’s diary that, amazingly, had the power to send her back in time to 1910, the year it was written. There, at a glamorous high-society masquerade ball, Michele meets the young man with striking blue eyes who has haunted her dreams all her life. And she finds herself falling for him, and into an otherworldly romance.

Soon Michele is leading a double life, struggling to balance her contemporary high school world with her escapes into the past. But when she stumbles upon a terrible discovery, she is propelled on a race through history to save the boy she loves – and to complete a quest that will determine their fate.


Timeless by Alexandra Monir is one of those rare time travel books that manages to keep my head from hurting too greatly. The concept is intriguing, well-done and suits the tone of the story. Michele Windsor, after a tragedy strikes her small family, is forced to move across country from California to New York City to live with grandparents she has never met. It’s there, in their breathtaking mansion, that Michele makes her time traveling discovery and has her world once again turned upside down.

I found Michele a tough character to get to know. Yes, she likes composing music, loves her family, is a kind person and seems genuinely nice, but that’s really all you know. You can tell from the beginning and meeting Michele’s grandparents that there are buried family secrets that will hopefully be revealed throughout the course of the novels. Michele’s absent father is one such secret, and the slow reveal for that one is tantalizing. The method of time travel is very neat, as are the descriptions of old New York and the fashions of the time. Music plays a huge part of the story and I liked reading the lyrics that Michele creates for Philip’s music – oh Philip. I think the one part of the story I was a little wary about was the Michele and Philip storyline (crazy, I know, since that’s really the main part of the book). It’s very insta-loveish which I am not a big fan of. As well, at one point Michele leaves Philip for his own good (being separated by time and all) and yet through time travel manages to still see him frequently in his future. It was all very quick. But thankfully, I liked Philip. Nice guy, musical, strong and marches to his own beat. H and Michele fit each other.

3.5 heart

Timeless by Alexandra Monir is a love story that transcends time. Despite the family secrets, the mystery of how Michele can time travel and why, the base of the plot is a love story – how can Michele and Philip beat Time and stay together? Despite my hesitation of insta-love and a lack of deeper connection with the characters, I have to say – Timeless has one crazy ending! Talk about your cliffhangers. I was thankful I had a copy of the sequel to read right after because I needed it. This series is a relaxed, enjoyable and perfect to quench the need for some romance.

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