My Top Ten Best Bookish Memories


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is your top ten best bookish memories, be they author signings, new releases, events, etc. They are in no particular order (although Harry Potter is a huge one, as is Lois Lowry). You can join in at this post.

1. Book Expo America – I’d never been to a convention like this before, and it blew my mind. To be surrounded by so many books and book lovers was crazy! A few of my next top ten moments are from Book Expo.

2. Hearing Lois Lowry speak and briefly meeting herThe Giver is one of those books that is seared into my brain, and getting to see Lois Lowry, meet her and hear her talk was one of the best moments I’ve ever had.

DSC02632 3. Meeting Hannah Moskowitz – ever since I randomly picked up this interesting sounding novel Break from my local bookstore, I’ve been a Hannah fan. I was immediately entranced by Break and knew I’d have to read any other books she’d write. And have I ever. Hannah’s writing is amazing, and it was so wonderful to meet and chat with her at Teen Author Carnival.

4. Visiting Scholastic in NYC – heaven, pure heaven. For a teacher, Scholastic is huge. For a book lover AND a teacher? Scholastic is heaven. I was so amazed to be able to attend an amazing event and not only visit the Scholastic building in NYC but to hear so many great YA authors read/act from their novels (like Maggie Stiefvater, James Dashner and Jeff Hirsch, to name a few)

5. Meeting fellow bloggers and book lovers – I love knowing that so many people enjoy books. Growing up, none of my friends really enjoyed books the way I do. Blogging has introduced me to so many wonderful people who all share a passion for the written word. It’s awesome!

6. Harry Potter – I grew up with Harry. I remember receiving book three for my thirteenth birthday (same age as Harry in that book), after reading and falling in love with books one and two the previous summer. I was in university by the time Harry reached his seventh year and defeated Hogwarts. I remember mom and I taking my younger cousins to the midnight release of book 7 (a good excuse for me to go), and staying up until past 1am reading even though I had to work the next day. As soon as I got home from work at 5, I started reading. It was around midnight when Dobby died and I started crying and didn’t stop until the book ended. I had no tissues in my room and used the corner of my pillow case to wipe my eyes, rather than get out of bed to get some and have to stop reading. And even though I still had movies to look forward to (and I definitely teared up at the end of movie 7 pt.2) the end of the books was really the end of Harry’s journey for me. An era was done, and I still wish it had never ended.

IMG-20120916-00562 7. Smart Chicks Kick Tour – AHHH! That’s all I have to say really. I almost had a heart attack when I found out Smart Chicks was coming to NS, and immediately booked off work. Meeting Sarah Rees Brennan was definitely the highlight, and I was glad to meet Melissa Marr since I missed her at BEA. The panel was funny and witty and it was just such a fun event.

8. Reading Bridge to Terabithia to my grade four class last year – even though many of them had seen the movie and knew how the book would be ending, I can still see them all sitting on the floor, staring up at me intently as I slowly read out those crucial chapters and scenes at the end of the book. Though they knew it was coming, they were still shocked and saddened and hanging on every word. They begged me to read one more chapter, I couldn’t leave it like that. So I did. It was such a moment there in that classroom, as my students experienced a bit of what I feel for this book. I’ve read it dozens of times but still almost cried reading it to them, and then taking about death and grief. Very powerful.

9. Seeing a quote from my review in the front of a paperback book – I was out purchasing a book for my secret santa this year when I noticed the new cover trade paperback of Ashfall by Mike Mullin was out. I only ever had an e-copy of this book so I flipped through the pages. I noticed there were quite a few quotes and blurbs at the beginning – I always enjoy reading them, and seeing if any are from bloggers I follow. Imagine my surprise when I flip to the last page of them and there staring my in the face is my blog address and a quote from my review of the book. I think I just stood there in shock for a moment. It was such a rush!

10. Starting this blog and publisher interactions – I started this blog to review books I already owned and was reading. To offer up my opinions and favourites, and recommended books. I hadn’t really known about the whole book blogosphere but quickly tuned in. After quite a while of blogging, I decided to contact a publisher and see what the chances were of getting a copy of a book I was dying to read for review – I thought for sure I would be turned down. I’m a smaller blog, after all! I have to say, I did a huge happy dance of disbelief when Delirium showed up in my mailbox. I was freaking out! Who knew this random whim of an idea would be such a huge part of my life 🙂