Bout of Books 7.0 Book Spine Poem Challenge

Bout of Books

Welcome to the first challenge of Bout of Books 7.0! Here you will find a challenge that I love dearly – the book spine poem! Haven’t heard of them? It’s easy – using books you have on hand, line up their spines to create a poem out of the titles. There is no theme and no set number of books to use, just do what pops into your head. I’ve got an example for you below:

Boutofbooks7 Poem

You CAN use extra words outside of the books titles, BUT, you can only use as many extra words as you have books. So for mine, I used 7 books and so can use up to seven extra words. If you use ten books, you can use up to ten extra words, and so on and so forth. If you decide to participate and create a poem, you will be entered for a chance to win a book(s) of your choice up to $15 CAD from The Book Depository. The giveaway is international, ONLY for Bout of Books 7.0 participants. Have fun!

– must be signed up for Bout of Books 6.0
– must be 13 years or older to enter
– ends tonight May 13th at midnight CST (1am EST, 2am ADT – my time). That’s only 24 hours!
– number of extra words is = to number of books used
– leave a link to your poem in the comments! Picture can be uploaded to your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Wherever you’re updating for Bout of Books.


76 thoughts on “Bout of Books 7.0 Book Spine Poem Challenge

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