Top Ten Freebie: Bookish Habits


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic is a freebie, and I chose to do a bit of a rewind – I picked a previous topic since I couldn’t think of any of my own. Top Ten bookish habits. You can join in on this week’s freebie topic here.

1. I have to remove the dust jacket from hardcovers before reading them. Not only do they slip off, but I dislike the idea they could get crumpled or ruined somehow.

2. Never dog ear pages! I always use a bookmark, be it an actual one, a tissue, piece of paper, receipt for anything else I have laying around handy. Post-its work great, as do business cards.

3. I can’t bring myself to break the spine on a book on purpose. It happens, of course, but if I can avoid it, I do. Paperbacks are harder, since you have to bend them back a bit to read comfortably, especially if it’s a thick mass market.

4. Never leave the book laying face down, open. If I lend a book and see the person do this, I get upset. Makes it harder to keep covers flat and can bend pages (if you can’t tell, I’m a bit anal about keeping my books in good condition).

5. This is awful, but I read the end of the book before I start reading, or when I’m only a few chapters in. And not just the last page, no, the last few chapters! Usually the only books spared are the last book in a series. Especially ones I loved (like Harry Potter and Across the Universe).

6. If I set a book down and don’t pick it up to keep reading within a week, the bookmark comes out and it goes back on the shelf. I’ll try it again later, but I have too many books I want to read to keep trying to read one that’s not holding my interest at the moment.

7. I re-read Bridge to Terabithia and Zanna’s Gift once a year. I can’t help myself.

8. I don’t usually read library books because if I love the book, I need to have it for my collection but feel weird spending money on a book that I’ve already read since I probably won’t be reading it right away. So I just buy all my books! Notable exceptions are the Young Wizards series and all Tamora Pierce’s books. I read those from the library when I was younger and then had to buy them all.

9. I like my books to be all in the same format and hopefully have matching cover designs. Worst day ever was when the Anita Blake books got cover re-designs. If I started a series in paperback but caught up to publishing and started buying hardcover, I have to keep buying hardcover. There is no way I can wait for paperback release – it makes shelf organization too hard.

10. I have to finish buying a series even if I have only read one or two. This means I have a lot of half-finished series’ sitting around my house!


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