Top Ten Things That Make Me Not Pick Up A Book


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic is the top ten words/topics/etc. that would make you not pick up a book. I actually had a harder time than I thought coming up with ten! You can join in at this post.

1. Insta-love – crushes and in like, yes. Intense love after one meeting? No.

2. Non-fiction – I’ve read a few biographies, but in general non-fiction is a no-go for me.

3. Love triangles – how is it so hard to not have your main character torn between two love interests? Why can’t we just have a nice slow build relationship between two people?

4. Horror – I’m so not a horror fan. I can handle zombies, and some not so creepy ghost stories, but that’s about it.

5. Angels – outside a few exceptions (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Griffin’s Rising, I’m looking at you) I am loath to pick up books about angels. I think this falls under the “I have too set an opinion in what I want in a story about _______ and I never get it” category.

6. Poetry – I don’t mind some books in verse, but books of poetry turn me away.

7. “four years later” sequels – it is extremely rare that I enjoy a series where sequels take place years later with different characters. I get invested in the characters from the first book and just want more of them. Not their children or completely different people but in the same “universe”.

8. Religious lit – just not my thing.

9. Westerns – again, just not my thing.

19. Romance for the sake of romance – not every book has to have a romantic plot line! Sometimes I like just seeing characters interact as friends. It’s refreshing.