Review: Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story by Elisa Kleven [blog tour]

Glasswings Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story
by Elisa Kleven

ISBN-13: 9-780803-737426
Publication: April 2013 from Dial
Source: JKSCommunications
Rating: 4 ♥ / 5 ♥ – I really liked it
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Claire, a glasswing butterfly whose transparent wings reflect her lush home, finds herself lost in the city after being separated from her family. She doesn’t know how they will ever see her, but she finds new city friends, a pigeon, an ant, and a ladybug, who search for the flowers Claire needs to live. They come upon a tiny urban garden, and as Claire drinks from the flowers’ nectar, she pollinates more flowers. Soon the garden—and Claire’s clear wings—fill with color, allowing her family to recognize her at last. Together they create an oasis for all to enjoy.


As an educator and a reader, Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story by Elisa Kleven appealed to me in a number of ways. The beautiful illustrations highlight the story of Claire, a glasswing butterfly who finds herself separated from her family. She makes the best of her situation and everything turns out ok for Claire in the end.

The story of Claire’s journey is filled with wonderful tidbits of information on not just glasswing butterflies, but the role that butterflies and other animals and insects (like pigeons, ants and ladybugs) play in nature. So even though Claire has been whisked away from her family and home, she begins to create a new home around her, through new friends and a small abandoned city lot with a few flowers in it. 4 heartIt’s a nice story of making the most of a situation, maintaining hope and forming new friendships all with an educational background of environment.

Glasswings: A Butterfly’s Story by Elisa Kleven works perfectly with the curriculum in my area. Primary and grade one learn about habitats and life cycles, and many of the classes even hatch moths or butterflies. This story will fit in perfectly, and I can’t wait to read it out loud to them!

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Hardcover copy provided by JKSCommunications as part of a blog tour in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!


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