Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist


Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the topic top ten things on your reading wishlist – those plots, characters, places, genres, etc. that you would like to see more of in the books you read. You can join in at this post.

1. More aliens. Either invasions of Earth, visitors to Earth, or books that take place on another planet.

2. Less romance. It seems like every YA book has some form of romance in it, even when it is completely unnecessary to the plot.

3. No love triangles. If there must be romance, I’d like it to be nice and straightforward. No one in my life has ever been in a love triangle and they’re over done.

4. High fantasy. And by that, I just mean completely new worlds not of this Earth. Like Middle Earth or Tortall.

5. Marauder-era Harry Potter prequels. I can dream.

6. More present parents. It can be a two parent, single parent, grandparent, foster parent, whatever parent household, but as long as they are not completely absent and clueless as to what their teens are doing, I would be happy.

7. Amnesia. Kind of a weird one, but I’m on an amnesia kick lately. I think it’s fascinating and would love more YA and MG that explore it.

8. Techies. Some good ol’ sci-fi that deals with awesome technology and the people that interact with it.

9. Zombies. Can never have enough zombie books. I’d like to see more that take place during the lead up to the outbreak and the beginnings of it.

10. True dystopian. I’m a firm believer that dystopian and post-apocalyptic books are completely different. The Giver? Dystopia. Shatter Me? Post-apocalyptic. I want more dystopian that acknowledges that society has been changed and created with the purpose of being perfect and definitely seems like it. But at it’s heart, there are major flaws and only our main character, or a few people, discover it.


10 thoughts on “Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

  1. TOTALLY agree with the “more high fantasy” wish. There is NOT enough of that in YA. And the parents thing! So true! Sometimes is so unrealistic how not-involved or not-aware parents can be in YA, I’d love to see some realistic involvement there too.

  2. I listed exactly the same point for #10. So many people just lump post apocalyptic and dystopian together!!

    I would cry for a maurauder era prequel, I’ve wanted it since the books first came out!!

  3. I think you’re very right when it comes to romance and love triangles. It seems every YA novel I read – which isn’t a lot at all lately as I’ve been put off for this reason – has some kind of love dilemma. While love is an integral part to humans and life, it doesn’t need to be pored in to every single book! I’m very much over it – particularly when it is of the cliché kind, such as triangles.

  4. 2. Definitely less romance. I put this on my list as well. I find it ridiculous that romance is required in YA fiction.

    3. Agreed. If there’s going to be a romance, there are other ways to create drama than to throw in a love triangle.

    5. YES. And Founder-era. So up for tha.

    7. Not weird at all, I go through random amnesia phases! I find it fascinating, and the mystery of it all is fantastic.

  5. “No love triangles” *Shouts YES at the computer screen even though no one can hear her*
    But seriously though, It shocks me love triangles are so common when they pretty much almost never actually happens in real life, and last for so long without someone saying “okay, you’re breaking my heart so I’m going to use my brain and leave now”
    Great post 🙂

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