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WP About Me Welcome to Escape Through the Pages! I’m Cait, an early elementary teacher with a Masters in Literacy. After school, I can usually be found cuddling my cats, reading, going on hikes with my fiance and finding new and interesting ways to foster a love of reading in my students. I’ve always been a “reader” and love all manner of fantasy and sci-fi; the more magical the better. Young adult and middle grade are my go to sections of the bookstore and I’m always on the lookout for new novels and picture books to read out loud to my grade 1/2 class.

I started Escape Through the Pages as a way to keep track of my attempt to read fifty novels in a year and my recommended reading lists. In the past few years I had noticed that the amount of books I was reading had taken a noticeable nose-dive (I blame university and full-time teaching!). I’m hoping that committing to writing reviews, rec lists and participating in the book community will help keep me on track and up the amount that I am reading for fun! Of course I will also be talking about all things school related, from great read alouds to lesson plans and how to maximize your class library space.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it!


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey!!
    Okay, so i’m totally jealous you bake cakes for weddings and stuff. I recently just got into baking, but I dont know where to start :/
    I mean I see all these tutorials on the web and they looks so awesome but there are all these supplies you need. I dont know where to get them or what I should start off with. There’s just too much lol.

    Any suggestions for a new baker?


    Oh sorry I’m asking you this through your blog. I didn’t know another way!

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