About Me

Welcome to Escape Through the Pages! I’m Cait. A university graduate with a BA in History and English and a BEd in elementary education. I currently teach upper elementary and love it. After school, I can usually be found either sitting in front of my computer, or curled up in my favourite comfy chair with a fleece blanket, some munchies and a good book. I’ve been a voracious reader for, well, ever since I can remember. I was read to right from the beginning, and as soon as I could read by myself I practically lived in the local library. I’ve since devoured as many books as I can get my hands on. As I grew older, my love of young adult literature never died and I spend more time in the teen section of my local bookstores than I do any other section.

I started Escape Through the Pages as a way to keep track of my attempt to read fifty novels in a year and my recommended reading lists. In the past few years I’d noticed that the amount of books I was reading had taken a noticeable nose-dive (I blame university!). I’m hoping that committing to writing reviews, rec lists and participating in the book community will help keep me on track and up the amount of literature I’m reading. I’ll occasionally end up reviewing some fantasy or general fiction but I’m mainly sticking to young adult and middle grade lit.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it!


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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey!!
    Okay, so i’m totally jealous you bake cakes for weddings and stuff. I recently just got into baking, but I dont know where to start :/
    I mean I see all these tutorials on the web and they looks so awesome but there are all these supplies you need. I dont know where to get them or what I should start off with. There’s just too much lol.

    Any suggestions for a new baker?


    Oh sorry I’m asking you this through your blog. I didn’t know another way!

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